Season 2: Responsibility

‘Responsibility’ is a word that comes up a lot in art, but its meaning is as multifaceted as the artists who use. It can mean duty of care to your fellow practitioners, responsibility to deliver the product the subscribers are paying for, or not traumatising an audience who did not consent to be traumatised. But it can also mean responsibility to be brave. Brave enough to tell the hard stories. To press on wounds that need pressing. Sometimes the old adage that art ‘holds a mirror up to society’ is far to passive. Sometimes that mirror needs smashing.

In this, the second season of Audio Stage, we are talking responsibility in art: what responsibility means to theatre practitioners, and how we remain ethical in art.

Episode 5: Angharad Wynne-Jones & Esther Anatolitis on the responsibility of cultural leaders
Episode 4: Jolyon James & Sonya Suares on responsibility in acting
Episode 3: Roslyn Oades on responsibility in verbatim theatre
Episode 2: Jane Howard & Richard Watts on responsibility in criticism
Episode 1: Melissa Reeves & Patricia Cornelius on responsibility of playwrights