Jana Perković is Melbourne- and Berlin-based cultural critic and researcher, writing for Blouin ARTINFO, The Guardian, RealTime, and occasionally other publications. Jana conceived and started Audio Stage in 2014.


Bethany Atkinson-Quinton is a presenter, producer, and creative audio maker based in Melbourne. Her audio documentaries have appeared on FBi’s All The Best and Radio National’s Pocket Docs. Beth works across multiple audio projects: as the co-host and co-producer of The Breakfast Spread on PBS 106.7FM and as the Victorian State Coordinator for All The Best. She sits on the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Board as the Women’s Representative. As a key member of the community broadcasting family in Melbourne, Beth has worked on air and behind the scenes at SYN, PBS and Triple R. Beth is our producer: she makes Audio Stage happen.


Josie Smart is Melbourne- and London-based creative audio producer. She has worked extensively in the community broadcasting sector in Australia, including as a long-term volunteer broadcaster at Triple R 102.7FM; formerly as the National Project Coordinator at SYN; and at PBS 106.7FM. In 2015 she produced a series of short stories for the CRN entitled Dear/Hello, which explored several issues such as the experience of asylum seekers, LGBTQI rights and women’s safety. Josie has also taught radio at RMIT University, presented workshops at the Emerging Writers’ Festival and National Young Writers Festival, and run workshops in remote Indigenous communities. She is currently completing her MA (Global Media Communication) with a focus on representation and advocacy at the University of Melbourne. She is interested in the way in which podcasts and audio storytelling can convey stories in many ways – with spoken word, music composition, sound design – and is interested in amplifying voices often underrepresented in mainstream media as a mechanism for social change. Recently she was appointed Communications Specialist at SheDecides, an organisation focused on women’s sexual and reproductive rights/health/education, based in London. Outside her work, she’s generally found supporting the local independent music scene (wherever she is) at gigs and festivals, or out of town camping. You can hear some of her works on SoundCloud and follow on Instagram @j0siephina. Josie is associate producer at Audiostage.


Louise Terry is a singer, electronic music producer, performer and music curator. She creates her own solo electronic music under Louise Terra and is a member of the feminist disco band Sugar Fed Leopards. She was program manager for Brunswick Music Festival 2014-16 & Falls Festival 2007-2014, as well as composing for performance and installation. Louise has composed music for Audio Stage season 5.


Angela Conquet is the Artistic Director of Melbourne’s Dancehouse, and was previously Artistic Director for Dance at Mains d’Oeuvres Paris. She has worked extensively in the independent dance sector as artistic director, presenter and producer and her work experiences took her to different context and countries. She is also a translator and interpreter and co-editor of Dancehouse Diary. Angela has joined Audio Stage in season 3, as host, producer, and all-round brains.


Mikhail Rogachevsky is a sound designer, producer and mixed media artist working across sound and visual mediums. His audio production is expressed in his solo career as well as collaborative projects that span through film, theater and online multimedia such as youtube and podcasts. Miky composes the music for Audio Stage seasons 3-4.


Kieran Ruffles is a Melbourne-based musician. Kieran was the sound technician for Audio Stage in 2014-2015 and composed the music for seasons 1-2.


Fleur is a Melbourne-based playwright and theatre director, and the artistic co-ordinator of Monash Academy of Performing Arts. Fleur is a former co-host of Audio Stage.